I’d much rather…

I’d much rather have someone I don’t know create something interesting on these four walls, than have these four walls destroyed by someone I don’t know, who’s looking for someone I don’t know

The ScowlingDaedreemha


My Caption

You might as well ignore what you are about to read, because some of it was true, most of it is about to change and the rest doesn’t exist…yet


Julian is safe, it’s WhatsHisFace you need to watch OR FundamentalsDontExist OR QuietRambleUMakeNoSense

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, six, sept, ocho, nueve, decagon


7 = sept = heptagon


8 = ocho = octagon

But the Gregorian calendar has September as the 9th month and October as the 10th month

Taught all and nothing at the same time

WTF…isn’t even close


VoiceNoMore OR Masters of destruction, yet they don’t measure sadness OR QuietRambleUMakeNoSense


So no more HMV

Does that mean the price of the physical will skyrocket online, £50 for a disc of entertainment?

I look forward to department administered laughs, knowing that the government can measure happiness nowadays and they sure know how to make you smile in this climate