Too many of our…

Too many of our leaders shun the higher moral road and take the path to satisfy greed while they voice hollow rhetoric

Maya Angelou


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I always wonder why people speak of the ‘trickle down’ of wealth with such hope and expectation. I lie, I don’t wonder, I make a “don’t be silly face”, why? The word is trickle, not torrent, submerge, overwhelm or the countless other words that would denote, significance.

I think of it like this, if there is an uncontrollable overflow at the top, you could end up with a cupful at the least, or a pail at the most. Though if at the top it starts as a trickle, it can’t be expected to be the same size at the bottom; you’ll be lucky to catch a vapour.

So why ask “I thought they said it would trickle down?”

That sounds as though you’re not only relying on someone who is building their life, with little regard for yours, to help improve yours, you also concede that you are close to bottom.

In this life, it is surely better to dash the cup, kick over the pail and find your pool!