Getting faded while we waiting on the mothership

“and not depending on the government to teach this generation how to love again”

Murs x Fashawn This Generation


Dreams so big that they’ve got dreams…

Yes there are places in the world
Where dreams are almost dead
So please my child do keep in mind
Before you go to bed
To dream a dream as big
As big could ever dream to be
Then dream a dream ten times as big
As that one dream you see
Then once you’ve got that dream in mind
Please dream a million more
And not a million quiet dreams
A million dreams that roar
A million dreams so loud they scream
So loud they sing and shout
So super huge they say
“Hey world! Guess what I’m dreamin’ bout”
“I’m dreaming about everything
that no one thought to wonder
Dreams so big that they’ve got dreams
And they’ve got dreams up under!”
Please dream for those who’ve given up
For those who’ve never tried
Please use your dreams
To make new dreams
For all the dreams that died

Dallas Clayton

IDontEmbarrassMyselfAsMuchTheseDaesButIJustF’dUpMajorly OR FallibleSoEgoInCheck(?)

I was supposed to be somewhere really important yesterday at 12:30. Yesterday, at 12:30, I was lost and running up a hill in the wrong direction. I didn’t have enough credit to call about me running late let alone ask for directions. The March cold dried my tears as I rushed back down the hill clutching my useless phone. I asked a postman if he knew the right way, he did and I eventually arrived at 12:55.

I am LMBAO now even though I was bricking it at the time. I was going in the wrong direction long before I started running; I was returning a lost toy on Battersea Rise.