In London, the …

In London, the sun always shines, though long winters and ‘constant’ overcast skies can change our perception of this fact over time; to the point where we end up wallowing in a chilly and wet grey area instead of rejoicing in the fact that we are not trapped in a frozen and deadly eclipse



I don’t wear th…

I don’t wear the clothes you wear, I’m just different and I don’t care. It’s kind of sad and it’s a shame; everyone wants to be the same. If you are listening here and now, I’m sure I can show you how it’s okay to be afraid. Don’t you wanna be special?

Goodie Mob ft. Janelle Monae ‘Special Education’

Acceleration of Destruction NOT TheEndaThaWurld (MMXII)

For as long I have been able to comprehend, elders have said in some way, shape or form that “…the world is going crazy…”

Last year this “crazy world” was supposedly going to end on a specific date. It didn’t. What has occurred since then has been an increase in acts of a despicable, ignorant and bereft nature:

The continued turmoil in Iraq

The destruction in Timbuktu

The bulldozing of an ancient Mayan pyramid in Belize

The seizure of Afrika

The ‘rebels’ exposing the hearts and livers of men in Syria

The killing of the natives in West Papua

The religious conflict in Myanmar

The apparent free reign of racists EVERYWHERE

It seems as though we are spinning backwards…


So this dude at a crowded bus stop in London, during rush hour, who wasn’t even getting on the bus that finally arrived, described the scene as a “refugee scramble” while he was on his phone. He had a big enough audience, I find it curious that he didn’t broadcast his ignorance and get ‘refugee’ scrambled.