I’ve used cocoa butter for decades

My first taste of coconut water

Antigua, W.I. (1990s)

I know rastas who use aloes

On their hair

Highly recommended on sunburnt ebony skin

Yet all you do is jump

Jump and drink

Breaking bandwagons

Overloaded with a concoction of

Aloe Vera juice

Cocoa butter

Coconut water

The jellied flesh of which

You know not

Using a straw

Not busting a nut

To reveal

What eventually


Milk for rice and peas

Oil for kinks and curls

All of this

Already known

By little brown boys and girls

Go ahead set up your stall

With your ‘new’ product

Miss me

I still know where to get it


I leave you to wax fat

As you’ve ever done

On that

Which is not yours



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