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I never liked what Sean Kingston ’meant to reggae’, his presence, like his last name seemed forced and illegitimate; comparable to major labels trying to cash-in on Reggae even more than they already have done.

Along comes West Coast veteran, Snoop Dogg…

I’ve long been of the belief that those who would readily drop the phrase “dirty island*insert here*”, are as equally poised to manufacture an act from one of the many genres of the region and get rich.

I laughed at the attempts manifested as Sean Kingston and Iyaz to muscle-in, knowing full well that there are a multitude of established artists making money throughout the Caribbean mainly through touring (Seeing an artist perform, at times, is cheaper than buying a CD) with their Zouk, Soca, Calypso and Reggae.

Yes, we’ve heard the odd horn and steel pan in the charts and if Sean Paul hadn’t come around when he did, some would still only know ‘Caribbean Queen’, ‘Island Girl’ and how to “Tally Me Banana”, They would most probably pass you a lantern if you said “gimme the light”

If you are not as up-to-date with music in the Caribbean as you’d like to be, fly here and there. Plus there’s always random searches on the net; Tempo Networks and Unity Sound are just a two of many.

So, it light of the above, I ask this:

Why is it REALLY Snoop Lion/Reggae Snoop?


MJ is Black! New music from beyond the grave!

While Michael Jackson rested, the beautiful voices of mainstream, black R&B and Soul artists continued to jump on the Dance bandwagon, losing a bit of lustre and positions in the charts…

Justin Timberlake hibernated

We watched as Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo etcetera no longer made sounds that either gave us chills or enabled us to give them to someone else. We watched them stop singing duets as they dipped their feet in the waters of a different genre; only to have their heads held under by ‘greater forces’.

We’ve all seen the MJ in these artists at one point or another, yet when the time came, they were nowhere near the baton so they couldn’t have dropped it and they stood a cat in hell’s chance of picking it up.

Did you see who got there first?