It’s gonna be hard boy, but it’s a matter of principle

I’ve been a fan of football for 15 years; as a ‘she’ I first got into it when I was in primary school and played at sixth form and uni.

I’ve watched almost every world cup and major (free-to-air) football tournament since 1999 and it will be a challenge not to watch Brazil 2014 over the next two weeks; I tried not watching in South Africa but Bafana Bafana were doing so well I couldn’t not watch. However,the blatant disregard for the host population in preparation has been taken a number of steps further in 2014 and any joy I’ll have from watching the sickest of goals being scored, any frustrations from a missed penalty, poor pass, or wrong referee decision would be, to me, somewhat tainted and irrelevant considering the wider negative social impact felt in Brazil.

But I hear you ask “Virginia, what is you not watching the world cup going to actually do anyway,?”

In actuality it does nothing. In terms of sponsorship revenue, one less viewer is not noticed when there are at least 750 million worldwide. Plus, buying/using products of those who sponsor on and behind the scenes, is practically inescapable in ANY event; sporting or otherwise. Though for two weeks my resolve will be tested in a show of solidarity for those who have seen and continue to see funds diverted from their basic needs to already rich/wealthy individuals for a two week show.

So yes, it’s gonna be hard, but I’m typing this with access to fast broadband, clean water, warmth, food (not as much in previous years, I drink water if there isn’t much to eat, but food none the less) and a roof over my head. This, being a lot more than the majority of the world’s population, which surely, in terms of human existence is hard.






Do not be a young black artist, especially male, in London or anywhere else in the world and visibly display anger and hurt at being booed off stage. Do not be perceived as somewhat pissed off in general. Do not engage in expressing the entire spectrum of human emotions. Why? Because there are those who may well know hip hop lyrics inside-out, who go to the gig, who have the t-shirt(s), but the minute it is no longer smiles and laughter or you no longer your ‘default’, angry self. You are either sub-normal, abnormal, under the influence or all of the above 999.

I quote myself OR ToBeVenomousOrBloodlustful…that is the question

Words and actions have to be drenched in venom and oozing blood-lust before they are considered racist…

“A racial slur? Yes, I do believe it was, though I wouldn’t go as far to say it was racist.”

“It was years ago, they were young at the time, we all make mistakes. A blunder? Yes. It wasn’t racist to be honest. Get over it”