To turn a shoestring into a decent pair of footwear…

It is one thing to have a story, it is another thing to transform that story into a script. It is a completely different ball game when you get to the pre-production stage of a short film.

I’ve had to whittle-away at, reconsider and shelve many ideas during the script writing process of this short; the essence of the short, however, is undiminished.

As it stands, with a week left of fundraising to go, the prospect of being able to compensate all involved for for their time and talents is slim…


June is drawing to a close but there is still time to meet the target, ensuring all involved are paid.

You can help!

Donating is easy, sharing this campaign is encouraged if you do not have to means to donate.

#whatIF a short film about student debt

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P.S. The working title ‘#whatIF’ will be phased out soon!